get access to an exclusive discount on tokens & lifetime ultimate tariff for free.

You can get your limited black membership card while stocks last.

Exclusive Discount

ELOOP ONE tokens (EOT) are sold in the public security token offering (STO) starting in August 2020 for:

1€ = 1 EOT

This price is fixed for as long as the EOT is not listed on any exchange and applies to all public sale participants.
ELOOP black members however get an exclusive discount on tokens of 10%.

So every token cost you 0.90€ instead of 1€.

Limited Stock

ELOOP is offering a total of 100 black member cards. This offer exists only as long as the cards last.

Lifetime of ultimate tarif

Black Members get early bird access to the ELOOP E-Carsharing ultimate tariff. The tariff will launch for the public in a few months and will cost about 60€ - 80€ per month. Ultimate users benefit from heavily reduced prices and extras like additional kilometers per trip. Black members get the ultimate tariff for free and forever.

Become a black member

The black membership token discount and ultimate tariff is available for the first 100 people who buy 20k plus EOT. If you are interested, leave your details below and we get in touch with you.

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