Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blockchain?

People describe blockchain technology in different ways, but at its core, a blockchain is a public digital ledger that records all transactions within a given network in a publicly verifiable and cryptographically secure manner. It is a decentralized database, i.e. stored on many different computers, in which all information and procedures such as transactions, agreements or contracts are documented. All this information can be viewed by any user, but cannot be subsequently changed.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital good for exchange, but it is more than that. It is basically a unit of account that is supposed to bring a community together.

What does it mean to decentralize a technology platform?

Decentralizing a technology platform means distributing control of the platform among users and ensuring that no single actor has too much influence.

How can blockchain technology help solve environmental problems?

Like any technology, the blockchain can be used for different purposes. Due to its ability to record data unalterably, the blockchain has a particularly high potential for environmental protection. Currently, it is already being used to record data on the natural environment and to detect changes in ecosystems. This can, for example, enormously reduce paper consumption, but the trade also uses the blockchain. Monitoring the supply chain makes it possible to identify inferior products earlier. The extent of new production and recalls can be reduced, which has a positive effect on the greenhouse gas balance and other resources. The EOT also has a positive effect on the environment. Through the exclusive use of electric cars and the sharing economy, resources are shared and environmentally friendly mobility is promoted.

How many Tokens may I buy?

The upper limit of 5,000 EOT is required by law (Altfg.). It is possible to buy a larger number of EOT. To do so, you must fill out a subscription form and return it to ELOOP. The subscription form can be requested at any time by e-mail ([email protected]).

Do I have to be an Eloop user myself?

No. However, if you use our ELOOP carsharing service, you can also have your payout in ELOOP credits. Token holders who choose this option receive proportionally more credit than with a cash out in FIAT. The factor is 1.5. The available credits are displayed in the ELOOP app and are debited first when a trip is made.

What is the ROI?

The calculation of the return-on-investment (ROI) shows, if an investment was worth while. The ratio of ROI describes the percentage ratio between the invested capital and the profit that the company was able to generate.


Does a token have a fixed price?

A token corresponds to 1€ at the beginning.

Can I buy Token only once?

No. You can buy tokens as often as you want (while stocks last).

Will it only be 4 tokenized cars?

The token supply will change in the future as more vehicles will be tokenized. While this will change the ratio of shares in the total supply of existing token holders, it will ensure higher profit-sharing through the network effects of car sharing.

Can I sell my tokens again?

Initially, the EOT is not yet listed on crypto exchanges. However, you can send your tokens to other people or receive EOTs using the 0bsnetword client. You can find buyers or sellers in our telegram group. ELOOP's goal is to get the EOT listed on a crypto exchange as soon as possible.

How long will I be part of the value chain after my token purchase?

The term of participation in the EOT is unlimited. As long as you own the token, you will also share in the operating profit. As soon as a tokenized car has reached the end of its term, it is replaced by the same model if possible. If in the meantime a more suitable car model of equivalent quality has appeared, it can also take the place of the one that has been eliminated. The value of the ELOOP ONE token is permanently secured (backed) by a car sharing car.

What is Eloop/ what is E-Carsharing?

ELOOP is a Viennese start-up that operates an e-car sharing service in Vienna. Find out more at


What are the payment options?

It is possible to buy EOT by credit card payment, manual transfer or various crypto currencies. Instant bank transfer coming soon!

Who can buy the token?

The minimum age is 18 years. The ELOOP ONE token can be purchased directly - without a broker, trading platform or bank. There are no further costs for the user and 100% of the capital flows into the investment product (token).

What happens with the money from the token sale?

The money will be used to purchase new cars and cover marketing costs.

Why are there only 240000 EOTs?

The number of EOT offered results from the tokenized fleet and amounts to 240,000 EOT, which corresponds to 240,000 euros at the time of token sale. The total number of these token is for sale.

Is there a Refer-A-Friend program? And what is my advantage?

Yes, there is. If you want to get a referral bonus now - Refer a Friend!

If a friend of yours participates in the EOT through your recommendation, you will receive 5% of his or her investment. No matter how high the amount is, you will receive the 5% bonus as a thank you. The 5% bonus counts for the first token purchase made.

How does it work?

  1. your friend buys EOT
  2. when the purchase of the token has gone through, you send us a short email with your friend's first and last name and email address
  3. we check the data and transfer the 5% of the amount to you as a referral bonus.


When is the profit calculated?

The calculation takes place daily. You can see the current status in the dashboard.

When can I have my profit paid out?

You can request a payout in the dashboard. Please note that a withdrawal is only possible from an amount of 10 €. You also have the choice whether you prefer to have the profit paid out in euros to the bank account or whether you prefer to convert the amount into credits.

When do I get my ELOOP credits?

The credits will be credited to your ELOOP car sharing account approximately one week after your token purchase. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one for free in the ELOOP app.



Which browsers are supported?

All common browsers like Chrome and Safari are supported. Problems can arise with lesser known browsers.

How can I trade / send token?

  1. To do this, go to the website and click on "Wallet". If you have created your ELOOP ONE account on the same computer and browser, the registration on 0bs should work automatically. If you use a different computer or browser, you type in your seed phrase (space between the 15 words).
  2. If you want to send token, note that you need "Zbs Token" for the transaction fee. To do this, please contact [email protected].
  3. Click on "Portfolio" and select "send" on the right side of ELOOP ONE.
  4. You will then need the recipient address.
  5. Now you enter the amount you want to send.
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